I have this issue that’s been keeping me from getting work done. My puppy has seen me working on scripts, producing comedy shows, swearing about work e-mails, reacting to the news etc., over the last few years, and now she associates me being at the computer with stress. And she thinks she needs to help me. She crawls between my legs, nudges my elbow with her snout, stands up with her front paws on the arm of my chair, and generally won’t leave me alone whenever I sit at my desk. Once she has my attention, she’ll lead me to the laser pointer or the door (where her harness is) and then do this HINT HINT move where she looks at an object, then at me, then makes a noise…. She’s telling me get off the computer and let’s go play.

So she’s constantly climbing all over me when I’m trying to get work done and it’s super annoying and slows me down but really, she’s not wrong. This is a bullshit meaningless world we’ve created and we should all spend less time in front of screens and more time at the dog park.