I’m listening to a lot of the band UFO lately. Really awesome 70s hard rock. I feel like maybe I should be spending my off time discovering new bands. But I like old rock and roll guitar sounds. That’s the great thing about the internet. You can access everything, and then pare it down so everything is almost nothing. I can spend my whole day living in the past. The present is being written by the biased mainstream media, and the future is controlled by millennials who are ruining everything. The past is demonstrably better than the present and future. Not only am I not actively seeking out new ideas, I can shit on other people’s new ideas and perspectives on message boards, comment sections, and in reply to Stephen Hawking’s bullshit warnings about global warming, which I know isn’t real because Ted Nugent said so in this meme I saved on my phone (after a younger family member showed me how). Some doofus said Muhammed Ali was a social justice warrior, I was like LOL NO he was a boxer you idiot and the greatest of all time. My favorite songs right now are “Doctor Doctor” and “Rock Bottom” what are some of yours