Trigger Warning

“Oh do you need a TRIGGER WARNING???”

“Yeah. I have PTSD and graphic discussions of assault often cause me to have flashbacks, panic attacks, dissociative episodes, my heart rate jumps and sometimes I can’t get it to go down for hours, and I have these overwhelming waves of fear and this fatigue, not a sleepiness, I mean I feel sleepy but like my body shuts down but I can’t sleep, I just have to be awake while this thing happens to me sometimes all day or for the rest of the week. I’ve missed work, struggled to make appointments, lost friendships and relationships, sometimes I can’t leave the house. I went 3 years without being able to cry and then I just started bawling at a scene in White Fang. It’s the one where the guy tells his wolf to leave because he’s going to San Francisco and he can’t bring a wolf to San Francisco (San Francisco is no place for a wolf). He yells at White Fang to go and he doesn’t understand, he’s a wolf. So he picks up a stick and White Fang fears sticks cuz he was held captive in a dog fighting ring and the handlers would hit his cage with a stick, so the guy’s trying to get him to leave, tears in his eyes, triggering the wolf’s PTSD, just yelling at his best friend who can’t understand what’s going on, he’s a wolf. So, I’m in therapy, like aggressive therapy where I have to keep reliving the event and writing about it to change my mind and body’s response to thoughts about the episode. And I meditate, and I exercise, and I have all these things that I do to work through this PTSD. But sometimes you can’t just walk into the fire because you have to go to work and you can’t be at work on fire, they’ll fire you. You’re right though, millenials are a bunch of whiny PC bitches. Anyway, sorry for inconveniencing you. I can tell you’re pretty sensitive about it.”