#Blog: VA health care favors the healthy

Super bummed out. I missed an appointment at the VA. It was an important one. I had to see 3 different doctors in San Francisco to get a diagnosis, do intake here in Sacramento, all to get referred to this clinic in Martinez, then they didn’t call me, so after waiting several weeks I had to call the San Francisco doctor and the clinic in Martinez to follow up. Then the appointment ends up being here in Sacramento… I knew about it, put it in my calendar, made sure I came home in between my 2 nights of shows in SF… and then I mixed up the time and missed the appointment.

I’ve had appointments that the VA didn’t notify me about. Like, at all. I’ve got notices in the mail saying “Your appointment has been cancelled” when they never told me about about the appointment in the first place. I’ve received appointment reminders the day after the appointment. One time a receptionist gave my appointment to a different Jason, luckily I noticed it on the card when I got home, he must have been surprised when he found out our appointment was cancelled.

But I’ve also missed appointments. Sometimes I’ve been in too much pain to sleep and ended up not functioning well enough to make it in the morning, or my health problems made me a little late and there was an accident that made me too late (if you’re 10 minutes late they cancel your appointment), etc. etc. But this one was just flat out on me, my fault, I blew it, and it sucks.

The biggest irony of VA Health Care is it favors the able of body and mind. People don’t need to see doctors because everything is perfect.

And when your mind is clear and you’re on top of your shit, you can unravel layers and layers of bureaucracy and incompetence, but you still have to make it to your appointment.