#Blog: Sometimes I Tweet Good

This comedian was looking for a joke he Tweeted. What he found instead made me poop my pants!

Not really.

I was semi-proud, in a meaningless “my life is going nowhere” way, of my Bud Light joke being on the E! website. A friend/comic came across it on the internet and sent it to me, which made me wonder if this had happened other times that I didn’t know about.

So the other day I was looking for something I Tweeted, and instead I found articles that had used my Tweets. I think it’s pretty cool, but I wish people would tell me so I can brag about it to former teachers and state assemblymen and whatnot. It’s nice to get some recognition for the difficult task of firing off these beautiful pieces of poetry. I take it very seriously, you know, as an artist.

Ok, bad example.

Ummm… that was worse.

There we go.

One of them was this article about The X-Files coming back. I’m super stoked about it! Sometimes I Tweet funny things about The X-Files! But here’s what they used:


Without context. At the… very… bottom… of the… article. On purpose, apparently. What?

The other one: Aaron Hernandez was found #hellaguilty, and I fired off my hot take, and it improved a bummer story (not the article – just this whole thing happening is #bummertown).



The one about Tom Selleck
The one about American Sniper
The not funny one (science facts)
And the one about Kaepernick even though I’ve Tweeted way better/funnier about Kaepernick

The end.